Cheff34 , my MIRAI python variant

In the last weeks I spent some time into making a MIRAI variant all written in pure python3 … The most difficult step was finding a test environment to try the infection and I have to say that still now I’ve a half telnet server.. I mean it works but without native linux commands such as wget or even busybox because basically I downlaoded an honeypot that I have to say that works really bad …

But now the last part is to test the infection and compiling the binaries … the MIRAI sources are a mess so I had to study them in detail to figure out how to infect the remote host and now I found some MIRAI variant infection commands and finally I can ultimate Cheff34 !

So it needs to create a folder, download and run the binary setting read and write permissions and remove itself from the disk .. ok fine!

Hopefully next week I think I’ll test it out under a real road test.

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