Website Updates

Yo guys today i made some changes to this website, first you have a new section where you can buy and you can even sell your softwares so this will be a cool feature and then the subscription form has been moved in a one single page so everything is more organized.

Rootkit Updates

Today I tested some possibile implementations, creating a new tool on the fly I added a C++ stub capable to Inject a DLL into Task Manager in order to hide the malware process making it at all effects a Rootkit. Now this tool is a reverse HTTP shell .. for finish sake it will be ultimated with AES encrypted traffic and Windows API kernel traffic hider. I promise that #SpaceCow will be the released rootkit anyway … Promise

Some updates

Ehy guys so first of all sorry if #WriteyourRat is not on going now but i have some projects in my mind and some little collaborations under the hood so for now the serie is paused. Don’t worry that when I’ll finish them I’ll continue the serie and when i got a free morning I’m going to record at least the last part for the Remote Desktop Viewer so we can reach a checkpoint kind of…

10th tutorial

Hello guys these post are becoming all the same thing but i got to update you. So today hopefully I’m going to record the 10th tutorial , nothing sure because I’m really busy. If not today tomorrow so in a couple of days the new episode will be out.

Terminus a post modern Terminal

Hi guys today I tried a new terminal available for Windows, Linux and OSx. Called Terminus.

The appearence is pretty cool i’ve to admit that and this is the main reason why I downloaded it but I discovered that it’s also really comfy.

You can read more on the GitHub page.

And you can download even the Windows Installer or the Portable version under the Release tab.

Terminus is a highly configurable terminal emulator for Windows, macOS and Linux

  • Theming and color schemes
  • Fully configurable shortcuts
  • Split panes
  • Remembers your tabs
  • PowerShell (and PS Core), WSL, Git-Bash, Cygwin, Cmder and CMD support
  • Integrated SSH client and connection manager
  • Full Unicode support including double-width characters
  • Doesn’t choke on fast-flowing outputs
  • Proper shell experience on Windows including tab completion (via Clink)
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  • Terminus is an alternative to Windows’ standard terminal (conhost), PowerShell ISE, PuTTY or iTerm
  • Terminus is not a new shell or a MinGW or Cygwin replacement. Neither is it lightweight – if RAM usage is of importance, consider Conemu or Alacritty


Plugins and themes can be installed directly from the Settings view inside Terminus.

  • clickable-links – makes paths and URLs in the terminal clickable
  • shell-selector – a quick shell selector pane
  • title-control – allows modifying the title of the terminal tabs by providing a prefix, suffix, and/or strings to be removed
  • quick-cmds – quickly send commands to one or all terminal tabs
  • save-output – record terminal output into a file
  • scrollbar – adds a scrollbar to hterm tabs



Pull requests and plugins are welcome!

See and API docs for information of how the project is laid out, and a very brief plugin development tutorial.

2 videos incoming!

Today I’ve recorded the 9th episode of WriteYourRat ! So get ready tonight for the release and I’ve also recorded a video for a free tool that I’m going to release for string manipulation and encoding …