#WriteYourRat 8th episode under recording

Hey guys so first of all thank you for all your beautiful comments under the 7th episode. I’ll try to give you the best tutorials for this and today I’m going to record the 8th episode … the last one has turned out of rendering to be 16 GBs and having a 3mb connection I uploaded all the night long but I made it. So in this episode we’re starting the Remote Desktop !

Cheff34 , my MIRAI python variant

In the last weeks I spent some time into making a MIRAI variant all written in pure python3 … The most difficult step was finding a test environment to try the infection and I have to say that still now I’ve a half telnet server.. I mean it works but without native linux commands such as wget or even busybox because basically I downlaoded an honeypot that I have to say that works really bad …

But now the last part is to test the infection and compiling the binaries … the MIRAI sources are a mess so I had to study them in detail to figure out how to infect the remote host and now I found some MIRAI variant infection commands and finally I can ultimate Cheff34 !

So it needs to create a folder, download and run the binary setting read and write permissions and remove itself from the disk .. ok fine!

Hopefully next week I think I’ll test it out under a real road test.

#WriteYourRat 7th episode

Goodmorning guys! So today I finished mounting the 7th episode of #WriteYourRat , my pc was dying during the recording so sometimes OBS Studio freezed for some seconds… Don’t you worry I fixed all the holes and anyway you’ll have the project file in the description.

Now it’s rendering and tonight I’m going to upload that on my Youtube Channel.

MESmega an HTTP Botnet

MESmega Control Panel

This is the first update of MESmega the botnet I talked about in the previous post and this is what the overview looks like. Now it’s time to test the tasks, once finished I’ll add some minor functions maybe the communication could be made using metadata inside images with encrypted strings … This is an idea.

Hello World!

Hello guys, first post for my blog. So a littel recap, zetabay so far has been closed. I’ll keep publushing tutorials, guide, demos and more on my Youtube Channel . This space will be used … for all actually. I’ll post updates, sources, everything I want to post. Will be a Twitter replace kind of. I suggest you to save this blog to keep yourself updated for all #WriteYourRat news and more.

So far I’m working on a new HTTP Botnet, client side all Python3 based and now in details I’m testing out the task creation and the client feautures.

Soon you’ll receive updates.

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